Copying of the calculator contents and calculation results to the clipboard — August 09, 2012 13:33

Built-in surebet and middle calculators now support copying of the calculator contents and calculation results to the clipboard.

The lower left corner now has the following icon:

When clicked, it copies the contents of the calculator to the clipboard of your operating system.
After that, you can use the Paste command in any text editor or Excel to paste the copied data.
The result will look like that:

Thursday, August 09, 2012 9:30 PM Rapid Bucharest — Heerenveen Europa League
Stanjames Over 1.5 for 2 team 3.200 0 3.200 32.71 0 USD 4.67
Betfair Under 1.5 for 2 team lay Over 1.5 2.710 5.0 1.556 67.29 39.35 USD 4.67
100 USD

The first line contains: the time of the start of the event, names of teams, name of tournament.
Below are the lines with descriptions of bets: bookmarker’s name, bet name, odd value, commission, odd value with commission, liability or bet amount, size of accepted backer’s bet (for exchanges) or 0 (for bookmakers), bet currency and expected win.
The last line contains the sum of bets and currency.

Values are tab-delimited.

You need to have Flash Player installed for the clipboard copy function to work.