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Bookmaker data in the XML format (API, Excel)

XML feed is not provided anymore. Sorry for inconvenience.

We provide bookmaker data in XML format. The data can be used by your software for analysis, decision making and many other purposes. We believe that this data will not only save you time and money, both in the beginning and later on down the road, but will also make you more confident in your decision-making.

The data are provided in a strictly formalized and unified form. Processing the data is extremely simple compared with parsing bookmakers’ sites that often contain controversial, jumbled up and indecipherable texts. By using our service, you no longer need to monitor changes on bookmakers’ sites; whenever one of them is redesigned, moved to another domain or redeveloped on another engine, you will still get an XML feed in the same format without spending a single penny.

The data are regularly updated (as a rule, delays rarely exceed 2-3 minutes and are considerably shorter for most bookmakers), and you no longer need to work with a tedious collection process. We assume responsibility for resolving problems with slow and frequently faulty bookmakers’ websites. The data will always be available, even when a bookmaker’s site goes down under a heavy load. We collect data even when a bookmaker is not very cooperative and tries to fend off bots, uses CAPTCHA codes wherever possible or requires authorization. All of these create problems that need a solution, but if you subscribe to our services, it’s not your problem anymore. You will have access to XML at all times.

We will also handle tournament, event, team and time recognition problems. You don’t need to know that “New Mexico” and “New Mexico” are different teams or that “New Mexico” and “New Mexico Lobos” are the same team. You do not need to know that the first bookmaker enters his data in one time zone and the second bookmaker in a different time zone. You don’t need to make program changes when a country switches from Daylight Saving Time to Eastern Standard Time. All of this information is already in the XML files in a formalized format.

To get a price quote, please contact us and provide the following details:

  • what data types you will need (odds or surebets, odds types, sports)
  • which bookmakers will be used
  • how you plan to use them

Minimum cost (one sport from one bookmaker) is about $50 per month. Volume discount is available.

At the moment, data are available for the following bookmakers: