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Updated 27 March, 2015 12:02

Frequently asked questions, comments, reviews and responses to them.

What’s going on here?

This service analyzes bookmakers’ lines and searches for surebets and valuebets. More information is available in the About the system section.

How do I change my password?

Click here to reset your password (or click “Logout” in the top right corner, then click “Password”), enter your email address and follow the instructions you will receive shortly.

How long will I be able to use the service once I subscribe?

The prices are specified per one calendar month. That is, if you pay on July 1st, the subscription will expire on August 1st. If you pay on March 22nd, the subscription will expire on April 22nd. A subscription that was paid for on February 28th will end on March 28th.

Could you please add bookmaker XXXX and feature YYYY?

The project is still being developed and any ideas are welcome. Submit your feature request or propose a bookmaker to be supported. Briefly describe what our site lacks and vote for other ideas and suggestions. The most popular ideas will be added as features as soon as possible.

Please delete bookmaker XXXX and feature YYYY

Each of the bookmakers and features were added based upon requests from our users. That’s why we won’t delete anything. If you don’t like a bookmaker or a feature, you can disable it and still let other users take advantage of it.

Please advise which bookmakers I should place bets with

Choose reputable and reliable companies.
Ratings can be seen here.
We recommend the following bookmakers:
Pinncale, Bwin, Gamebookers, Eurobet, Ladbrokes, Sbobet, and betting exchanges – Betfair, Betdaq.

What does a P1 from P2 or P2 from P1 bet mean?

Sometimes, bookmakers put up the same event on their lines with a different team order, e.g. Aue – Schalke on William Hill and Schalke – Aue on Baltbet. To search for surebets, we flip all the lines the same way. Flipped events are shown with a “” sign between team names.
A P1 from P2 bet means that the bet was made on the victory of team 2 (Schalke) in the original order (as specified on the bookmaker’s site). Once flipped, it becomes a bet on the victory of team 1 (Schalke).

I can see some surebets while looking through bookmakers’ lines, but the service doesn’t show them for some reason

There may be two reasons for that:

  • The site filters surebets to leave the most profitable ones for a given event and a selected set of bookmakers. That is, if there are several surebets between two bookmakers for the same event, only the most profitable one is shown. This was done to avoid showing the same surebet several times. So in this case, it may well be that the site has found a more profitable surebet for the same pair of bookmakers :)
  • Our service failed to identify it. However, if you let us know the details of the surebet, we will teach our search engine to find it in the future.

Surebets/valuebets do not match the bookmakers’ lines

Again, there can be two reasons for that:

  • The odds changed since the bookmaker was last scanned. This will be taken into account after the next scan.
  • Congratulations – you found a bug in the scanner! We would appreciate it if you contact us and let us know which odd is invalid.

You say that the site searches for surebets every 5 minutes, but it’s actually reporting right now that surebets were updated a zillion minutes ago

Scanning may occasionally take longer than we’d like. However, we are pushing the envelope to optimize the engine and improve its performance.

A surebet the system found is invalid or there is another bug or issue

The service is still being developed and is growing, and bugs are unfortunately a part of the process. If you encounter any issues with the site please let us know about them – we’ll do our best to fix them asap.
Let us know about any bugs you notice, don’t leave them to chance!